“Live your dream as if you have already accomplished it. Walk in the new house, speak with the people who already live in your dream.” – Maria Oquendo

Born and raised in Lima, Peru, Maria Oquendo founded Maria’s in 1990 while she was living in New York, after learning the best home cleaning care techniques from her boss in Greenwich, CT.

Maria’s in the beginning was just a one person cleaning service operated by Maria Oquendo. “I started Maria’s with my own labor and a loaned vacuum,” is often how Maria would begin the Maria’s origin story. But in 1992, after she was fired from her housekeeping job in Greenwich, CT, she was forced to become an independent cleaning service provider.

And so she made it her mantra to always say: “ It all depends on the meaning you give to your situation. Always rescue the best”. Today, Maria leads a strong team of professional cleaners loaded with plenty of emotional ammunition and spiritual abundance to overcome any obstacle in life.

In the past decade, Maria has garnered a reputation for being a leading company specializing in holistic home and office cleansing, launching holistic cleaning services and peak personal energy flow that works in creating a positive flow in your home, as well as your body. Maria has also been recognized by her clients in the New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut area for bringing the health, tranquility, and freedom they’ve always wanted. Yet Maria has learned all her techniques on her own, and never finished High School.

“Our mission is to empower people to leverage their time so they can enjoy freedom in their lives. While at the same time making use of technology to replace human labor with automated home maintenance units” said Maria, who is determined to help revolutionize the home maintenance industry. “Our goal? To bring an automated home maintenance unit to every home in the world.”

Her book, 100 Mg Soul Pill, Daily Dose for a Happier Life, are 100 life and business lessons from Maria. It combines the areas of emotional, spiritual, parenthood, physical, and business life. These lessons have been passed and nurtured by Maria from her parents. Here they come all packed into one easy to read version that you can use on your daily life.

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100 Mg Soul Pill, Daily Dose for a Happier Life

100 Mg Soul Pill: Daily Dose for a Happier Life is a collection of life and business lessons to help you overcome any obstabcle in life. It takes less than 10 minutes to absorb these 100 nuggets of wisdom. It’s your choice to apply it on a daily basis and create a brand new life for you and your family. Emotional and Spiritual strength are the key pillars that will help navigate the ocean of opportunities in your personal and professional life.

A compilation of personal and business lessons nurtured by Maria during her best and toughest years in the United States and Peru– the book is focused on emotional and spiritual strength.