If you have questions, we have answers. Check out these 10 quick videos that will get you started in the right direction. These are just 10 ways Maria’s Cleaning Service adds value to your house and office cleaning service. They will answer the top 10 Frequently Asked Questions.

How Much Time Do I Save By Hiring 3 Professional Cleaners?

Well, you save a great amount of time by delegating your home or office cleaning to a team of 3 professional cleaners. How? Let’s do a simple calculation. In a house that takes 2 hours for a team of 3 professional cleaners, it takes 3 hours for two cleaners doing the same job. Therefore, you have just wasted 1 extra hour in your daily routine, because a job that could have taken 2 hours to complete, now it’s taking 3 hours with 2 cleaners. Now, if you use 1 cleaning person to help you with your chores, then this single person will take 6 hours to complete the entire 2 hour job. Therefore, you’ve just wasted 4 additional hours of your precious time.

We always recommend using a group of 3, or the Power of 3 by Maria’s, not only because you save time but because of cleaning service efficiency performance. Take a look at the Service Performance chart on our presentation, and you’ll see that in a day scheduled for 6 jobs, the efficiency of the Power of 3 is very stable throughout the entire day. However when using a cleaning team made of 2 people, or just using 1 cleaning person, the efficiency decays abysmally.

Why is that? Well, it’s because cleaning is a physically intensive exercise. It’s as if you were going to the gym. On your first hour, you will do well. However, if you do 2 hours of gym, your strength and stamina decays. How about doing 3, 4,5, 6 hours of gym. Your physical strength decays dramatically. Same thing happens during a home cleaning day schedule. The advantage of using 3 cleaning professionals allows for the rotation of heavy duty tasks among all 3 members. Therefore, the physical stamina is preserved throughout the day. However, if there are only 2 cleaning people alternating the heavy tasks, then it becomes a heavy burden for both of them. It’s even worse when you have only 1 cleaning person because all the heavy burden is imposed on just that one person.

If you happen to be the first house on his’her route, you’re lucky. Nonetheless, if you happen to be the 3rd, 4th, 5th, or 6th client on the route, your cleaning service performance will suffer. By the time he/she gets to your home, that person is drenched out of all energy. After 25 years in the service industry, Maria noticed that using a team of 3 was the best combination to allow for her cleaning crews to gain their stamina by alternating between heavy, medium, and light tasks. This way Maria’s crews can guarantee an stable service performance efficiency throughout the day. No matter if you’re 1st, 2nd, or the 6th client on the day.  Learn More

What's Your Guarantee Policy?

At Maria’s we serve our clients with the highest dedication. We’re committed to make every visit to your home an ever lasting experience. Our guarantee policy is very simple. If you’re not satisfied with our home or office cleaning service, you don’t have to pay anything. We will not ask you any questions, no hassles, no loops. Your word is gold to us. We believe in you. We have a 100% Money Back Guarantee.  Learn More

How Well Trained Are Your Cleaning Crews?

Maria’s Cleaning crews go through a 4 Phase System:

Phase 1: 30 Day Training with Maria Oquendo, CEO & Founder of Maria’s. 25 years of cleaning service experience is transferred to every new crew member. Besides the technical skills taught to every new crew member. The philosophy of our company is also taught to every new trainee. One of Maria’s main pillar is Honesty. For it has allowed Maria’s growth in the market, and has allowed her clients to always feel confident and secure that Maria’s will take great care of them.

Phase 2: each crew member will perform minor tasks. This allows each crew member to get trained on the most basic skills needed to become a top notch home cleaning professional. The crew member will later go onto intermediate and advanced training so he/she can get the required level of mastery.

Phase 3: Get Familiar – after the crew member has achieved the required level of mastery, he/she needs to get familiar with the specific requirements each client has. Every home and office is configured uniquely, as well as the taste and desires of each client. That’s why we require every new crew member to go through a phase of familiarity with the specifics of every client we service.

Phase 4: Perform Actual Work – after achieving a level of mastery required and become familiar with the client’s property, the next phase will involve the training with a Master Team Leader. The MTL will stand by the side to evaluate on the performance of the crew member over a 30 day period.

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How Flexible Is Your Cleaning Schedule?

Maria’s Cleaning Crew schedules are made to fit your work schedule. It all depends on what you choose whether a weekly, biweekly, or monthly. You get all the benefits of getting the cleaning service towards the beginning or end of the week. We put you in charge of your team selection. You also have the option to select a cleaning team with a male supervisor. Plus all team members are bilingual, and are backed by a team of handy technicians.  Learn More

How Do You Ensure Identity Theft Protection and Home Security?

We know identity theft is rampant in our nation. That’s why keep tight controls and measures on the items found in every single house. We’ll always check with you the owner before we throw anything out. Or before qualifying bags filled with garbage outside of the garbage bins. Although it might look like garbage, our policy is to always ask the owner, if at home.

If the owner is not at home, we’ll leave it where it was found. We’ll only throw out the garbage we find in the garbage bins, and even then if we find items that might have been dumped by mistake, or by your kids by mistake, we’ll always ask the owner of the house. You can also rest assured that your information is securely protected through our proper disposal of your garbage. All your garbage, including your shred paper, stays in your garbage bins. Unless you ask us to get rid off of your recycled shred papers.

We deal with a variety of homes, home offices, and offices, which are loaded with very sensible information. That’s why we’re very well aware of the classification of the recycled documents. To keep your home secure, we’ll make sure all your doors and windows are locked, and set the house alarm. Our check out lists ensure that your faucets, toilets, and sinks are properly shut. As well as your stove knobs are properly closed.  Learn More

What Kind Of Home Cleaning Products Do You Use?

Studies show that over 40 million American suffer from indoor allergies which can be due to dust. That’s the reason why Maria’s recommends the use of hypo-allergenic cleaning supplies to reduce allergens on the surfaces and air to prevent allergic reactions. An estimated 50-80% of asthmatics are affected by dust mites. Other allergic reactions might include headaches, fatigue, and depression. Every person give out 5-10 grams of dead skin cells each week. Approximately 3 lbs per year. Dust mites thrive off of dead skin cells. Dust mites live in our sheets, clothing, animals, upholstery and furniture.  Learn More