The Lab

The lab was developed by Maria’s Team to enhance and improve the lives of our clients. We decided to put together a line of life savers, and time enhancer to increase the time you take in maintaining in your home. These additions to your home have been developed by our team at Maria’s. However our lab is open for all our clients and members to expose and test their inventions in the real homes of our clients.

Here are some of the things we have created and are currently being used in our clients homes:

Mat Entrance Dirt & Ice Grabber

We created the Dirt & Ice Grabber Mat out of frustration.  During our regular home cleaning visits to our clients’ homes, we noticed the home entrance mats were discolored and very messy due to the ice and dirt that settled on top.  Besides the top looking awful, as we lifted these mats, we founds worms underneath it. The mat was also serving as a nest for the mold to grow.  That’s when we decided we needed to create a mat that will be able to grab the dirt and ice, and deposit it onto a rubber tray. This way, we can prevent the dirt and ice from settling on top of the mat. The space in between allows for the dirt and ice to fall down easily onto the tray. The sliding rubber tray allows for easy clean up of the dirt and ice accumulated. Therefore, preventing any worms, roaches, or mold from growing in the area under an ordinary mat.
Release Date: 1/7/17


Magnetic Door Stopper:

The creation of the Magnetic Door Stopper resulted because our clients’ walls were getting damaged by the door handles and knobs.  Some of our clients opted for not installing a metal pin at the bottom of the baseboard to prevent the door knobs from damaging the walls.  Some of our clients just felt that the design of these pins were not attractive or they just didn’t want to damage their baseboards. After all, in order to install these metal pin stoppers, you need to drill a hole into the baseboard. In the case of newly built homes or post home renovation, the contractors usually forget to install a metal pin stopper.  In order to eliminate the use of metal pin stoppers in our doors and save our walls from being damaged.  Over time the screw tends to draw a bigger hole into the baseboard unit. With the Automatic Magnetic Door Stopper, you just stick the magnetic strip at the baseboard, and stick the other unit at the base of the door. The adhesive on the back of the Magnetic Door Stopper  will preserve your door and baseboards without creating any damage on the baseboard, door or walls.
Release Date: TBD


Toilet Intelligent Units

This toilet units come with collectors of samples for urine and feces. The results will go directly to your closest lab in your area and the results will be automatically sent to your physician every week. By tracking the amount of toxins in your urine, your physician will be able to detect any anomaly in your body. At the same time, it will also serve to prevent any future diseases. The beauty about this unit is that you don’t need to waste your precious time anymore in setting up an appointment, or waiting on line for your samples to be collected. Your trends will be compared with other trends of common diseases, alerting you and your doctor of any possible illness in your body. The toilet intelligent units will also be able to detect the amount of alcohol or narcotics in your urine, and will automatically send a text to your close relatives warning them of your state. This way someone can come pick you up. It can also be programmed to dial into Uber to have a driver contact you via phone or text for when you need to be picked up. We’re currently working with Toyota, Honda, Lexus, and Ford to have this to be programmed into direct lockup of the car. Your key will be disabled and you will not be able to drive.
Release Date: TBD


Bathroom Sink Intelligent Units

The bathroom sink intelligent units will collect samples of your saliva everyday as you get ready to brush your teeth. The results are sent to a database that populates your data and creates a trend that your doctor can analyze. This unit will save you time from having to go to a lab and submit your saliva samples. It tracks the development of any possible disease that might create any problems in your digestive system. It recommends the correct amount of enzimes you need to take regularly. It also reports on the pH level of your body. It also has a dispositive that will take your blood sugar level, alkalinity in the blood, level of red blood cells, and white blood cells in the body.
Release Date: TBD

Transparent Mat Scale

This transparent mat gathers your wight using laser technolgy coming from the baseboard of your bathroom. It automatically records your weight gain/loss, and suggests a modification in your diet. It also records a trend in your weight. So, you don’t need to this manually anyomre. As you’re brushing your teeth, getting up from the toilet, or right about to enter the shower, the laser will automatically detect you and record your weight for you.
Release Date: TBD

The Emotional Mirror

The emotional mirror detects patterns in the faces of our clients to see if there’s a level of increased stress, anxiety, fear, sadness, anger or depression. This results can be sent to your psychologist, personal development coach, or your closest friend. This way you can get the emotional support you need right away. The mirror will automatically create an appointment for our client to be contacted by his/her psychologist, NLP, life coach, or anyone in charge of the client’s life/career development.
Release Date: TBD

Kitchen Multi Unit Table

This unit is the integration of the preparation of meals, and the integration of foods packed into small containers. All the recipes are loaded into the database. It acts a Keurig machine where the flavor of the coffee is already loaded into the packete. In this case, the client will shop at regular stores to purchase the meal of their preference. The same multi table acts as waste disposal unit. As well as a dishwasher unit. The patent on this one is still pending. The table will prepare the meal for you while you’re sitting at the table.
Release Date: TBD

Bathroom Shower Auto Cleansing

This bathroom shower walls and tub is automatically disinfected as soon as you finish taking a shower. It only takes 15 minutes to fully disinfect. The walls are being manufactured by our local mother plant in Peru. We’ll be delivering the first prototype by the second quarter of 2017. The model takes on the actual shower wall with outlets throughout the entire wall where the disinfectant will be sprayed out and it will use the shower system to be rinsed out. Once again the disinfectants we’re using are all organically derived. The system has an outlet area that lasts 3 months. So the clients will stop wasting on labor force, and supplies needed to clean and disinfect the shower area unit.
Release Date: TBD

Bathroom/Kitchen Tile Flooring

This units has the same type of engineering from the automatic disinfecting shower walls, with an outlet mechanism that will allow first for the vacuuming of the dirt found on the floor. Afterwards, spraying units from the outlets installed on the floor will release the organic cleaners to spray on the floor and a water vacuum will suck the water to rinse the floor. No more getting on your knees to wash your floors.
Release Date: TBD

Kitchen Automatic Drawers Maintenance

These units will be installed inside your drawers. After conducting several deep cleanins sessions where the clients wasted so many hours removing all items inside the drawers. Now this will be handled by internal outlets that will suck away the dirt from inside the kitchen drawers. There will be no need to remove the items from inside the cabinets/drawers for the client to clean out the dirt in the cabinets. This will save on the time required to maintain the cleanliness and sanity of your cabinets.
Release Date: TBD

KItchen refrigeration model

The units that are currently being sold in the market haven’t solved a problem that we’ve had for centuries. Coming up with new breakthrough models mean eliminating the waste created from the use of plastic and paper, created because of the packing system in place. The kitchen refrigeration model is now decentralized creating a place for every unit of preparation with easy to reach drawers for each meal preparation. This is also in combination with the kitchen multi table that will partially be used as a refrigeration system for the preparation of meals and cleaning of all utensils. Maria’s delivery units will bring orange juice, lemonade, milk, and water in square containers that will allow the use of one big liquid container unit. This will eliminate the amount of plastic or cartoon wasted everyday because we’re using a system of bottles. We’ll go from bottles to 5 gallon containers. All the juices are organically squeezed by Maria’s plants.
Release Date: TBD

Upholstery Fabric Self-Cleaning

This fabric consists of the regeneration of old fabric, dirty fabric, damaged fabric with new self-regenerating fabric. It is being handled by a self-cleaning fabric element, able to eliminate the old fabric and create new fabric. With the use of natural elements, the creation of self-regenerative fabric is being produced in our mother plant in Peru. This way, you can have furniture that lasts forever. The color code combination will be stored in our database to provide you with the exact replica of the color combination you chose for your fabric. At the same time, we’ll be eliminating the use of disposed furniture. What we used to throw out in the past, will now be auto reused for several years.
Release Date: TBD

Wall Protection For Parties

This creation came about because everytime our clients held a party in their homes, the kids just go wild and start messing up the walls. So instead of wasting time and money in painting your walls again, we have created walls that raise and protect your walls from the baseboard area. You can choose protecting half the wall or the entire wall. Protecting the entire walls comes handy when moving into your new home. As the movers come into the house, the walls usually get damaged and need a touch up, or a fix up. Which actually ends up taking time and getting our clients frustrated. Instead we recommend using the wall protection covers for the house during any special occassio. The material is made out of vinyl plastic easy to clean and maintain.
Release Date: TBD

Now you have a chance to test your inventions at the thousands of homes we serve every year. And sell your inventions to our list of clients via our website. If all goes well, your invention will be featured on this Lab Page.